Getting Ready for Grooming
No matter what age, size, sex or type of dog you have, you can make grooming a pleasant part of your dog’s life if you teach your dog to associate grooming with things she/he loves and take it slow and easy.
At Home

We recommend that ahead of any grooming activity, your dog is exercised to the point of being tired and relaxed. This will allow the endorphins in the dog’s brain to release, letting them associate grooming with something that is pleasurable. It will also keep your dog in a tired but relaxed state by removing excessive energy that could be used for jumping about whilst being groomed
If a dog is matted or showing early signs of knots (the ears, armpits, chest and bottom are the most common areas), it is far better to brush before washing. Washing a dog that is already knotted/matted will only make the knots larger and tighter as they dry. Such knots can also create pulling on the skin, creating discomfort and possibly, other skin problems
Just Before Your Grooming Appointment

It is best to avoid feeding your dog ahead of a grooming appointment. A full tummy whilst being groomed and bathed could uncomfortable. If you must give your dog something, please keep it to a light snack. It is ok to give your dog water.
Before coming into the salon, please ensure your dog is walked, giving them time to go to the toilet and relieve themselves. Keep plastic bags on hand to clean up after your dog, as well as a pack of tissues to remove any dander from the sanitary areas. We love dogs, but we appreciate all a clean bottom!
Anxious and nervous dogs flourish under good leadership.  If your dog is trembling or showing anxiety, the best thing a pack leader can do is ignore it. Picking up the dog, patting and praising only tells your dog this is the behaviour that should be displayed, because you are rewarding it. We recommend you bring your dog in on a leash. This will allow the dog to follow you into the salon on their terms. You will also require the leash and collar for when you collect the dog, as the nails will be sharp and you could be scratched if you carry the dog.